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 Iztuzu beach soured to world fame in 1986 when David Bellamy led a campaign to halt a proposed development on Dalyan's pristine five kilometres of sand. As a result of the conservationist's success the entire Dalyan delta has been designated a wildlife sanctuary.

Arguably the best beach in Turkey, Iztuzu is also one of the few remaining nesting sites of the caretta caretta loggerhead turtles, a rare 95 million year old species. The beach is closed to visitors between 20:00 and 08:00 from May to October when the turtles come ashore to lay their eggs and later the hatchlings make their way to the sea by moonlight. In the daytime as well, the eggs need protection and a line of wooden posts marks the area nearest to the sea, where visitors are asked to refrain from positioning sunbeds and umbrellas or otherwise disturbing the sand more than is necessary to access the water.

  Iztuzu is the ideal beach for everyone children, sun lovers, walkers and nature buffs. Turtle tracks, scrapings where the turtles have hauled themselves onto the sand, are visible in June and July. The beach is frequented by other wildlife as well including lizards and tortoises. The swimming is very safe along the length of the beach EXCEPT for the area where the river joins the sea - here the currents are strong and there is a great deal of boat traffic. The never failing afternoon breeze, known as the Meltem, can whip up the sand and means the water can be choppy and murky but the gently sloping seabed makes the beach ideal for youngsters.

It takes 20 minute to travel the 12 kms to Iztuzu beach by road. Minibuses leave from the P.T.T. every half-hour from 9:30 with last return service leaving the beach at 18:30. The way is picturesque and clearly signposted from the centre of Dalyan. Profusely flowering oleander bushes and gnarled trees deformed by the harsh winter winds line the route, which circumnavigates Sülüngür Lake bafore ascending to offer glorious views over the delta.

  The "road end" of Iztuzu is more scenic, pleasantly sheltered and, as Dalyan's municipality beach, cheaper for sunbed hire and refreshment. If you are using public transport access by road is also easier option if you want to stay for just couple of hours than by boat.


To walk from one end of Iztuzu Beach to the other along the several kilometres of untouched, golden sand between is a pleasure certainly not to be missed.

 Turtle beach, the name given to the middle section Iztuzu, is the point to which the co-operative's river taxis and daily boat excursions are destined. The journey, taking around 40 minutes, provides an amazing insight into the life of this immense delta as well as the best possible vantage point from which to view the rock tombs. As at the "road end" of Iztuzu, there are sunbeds and umbrellas for hire, toilets, changing facilities and a café but in both cases menus are limited so take a picnic if you plan to spend more than a few hours on the beach.

Boats to Turtle beach leave from the co-operative in the harbour from around 9:30 onwards, returning between 13:30 to 18:00. Boats leave on demand however, so services can be greatly reduced in early and lare summer.


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