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Villa Rental Terms


Once you have made the decision to rent one of our Villas or Apartments,  to confrm that you’ll have to pay 30% of the total amount on  the same on our Bank Acount- Pirci Villa Rental

The rest of the amount you will pay after you have seen the villa and decide to accept it

as it is.As soon as we have recieved the Money  on our Bank Account , we will give you a confirmation  by e-mail or fax – that you are renting  one of our Villas/ Apart.

We except that you will use the Villa with respect as if it is your own property.

As a guarantee that you’ll leave the Villa in a good state we will take a deposit of 300 TL.

When you leave we will check the Villa and when it is in a good state you will get your

deposit back.

Villa Hand-over- Transfer.

You can enter the Villa at 4 o’clock in the afternoon,  but on the last day you will have to leave the Villa at 10 o’clock in the morning because the cleaners will come to prepare the Villa for the next Customers.

The Apartment you can enter at 12. o’clock but you will have to leave it at 10 o’clock in the morning.


Early in the morning our workers are coming to take care after the pool and the garden.

If there is any problem in the villa – let us know-  and we will try to solve the problem as   soon as possible.


You will enter a clean Villa. If you want to  have some extra cleaners during the time you are

staying- we can arrange some cleaners for you. Price 70 TL a day.

After you have left the Villa, the Villa will be cleaned . That costs 100 TL and you will have to pay that in advance.

When you rent an Apartment – you don’t have to pay for cleaning.

Gas, Electric and Water are all included in the Price



You will have to give clear information about the  number of people that will stay at

the villa or apartments.

 Also will you have to give us the exact information about how many- people- also children or babies will come and stay at the Apartment or Villa.

 If you come with more people than allowed- you will have to pay extra for them.

 We expect you to give us the right information about everything we need to know.

 Our Company doesn’t take any responsibility for any wrong information given by you to us.

Mart 1, 2019